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by Dayton Keesee

In The Churches of Christ During the Civil War, Dayton Keesee traces the church's response to the war and its effects. Some Christians were deeply involved and on different sides, some were pacifists, and some tried to stay out of it altogether. Many preachers spoke, wrote, and lectured about the war and slavery and other issues confronting them, including missionary societies and instrumental music.

Northern congregations' activities were less affected, but even in the devastated South, the brethren strove to continue worship and evangelistic work. But throughout the turmoil and despite differences of opinion, the church of Christ retained its unity, unlike other religious groups.

123 pages, paperback


  • Ante-Bellum Days Among the Churches of Christ
  • Pacifists in the Churches of Christ During the War Between the States
  • Participants in the Civil War
  • Condition and Work of the Churches of Christ During the War
  • Conditions After the Civil War
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography