America's Most Pressing Concern DVD



Product Description

Did the Founders of America believe that the survival of the Republic depends on America's acknowledgement of Jesus Christ? Most educators and political theorists of our day answer with a resounding "no!" Nevertheless, the evidence is decisive. In their official pronouncements, the Continental Congress--quintessential Founders--forthrightly requested that God establish American independence on Christianity and Christian morality. They affirmed that Christianity is the foundation of national happiness as well as national prosperity. You must see the evidence with your own eyes.

This powerful, new presentation exposes what the founding fathers really said and wrote. The viewer will see, written in their own words, what these men believed and said regarding God and this nation. A sequel to the Silencing of God. It is hosted by Dave Miller, Ph.D., and includes 8 lessons on 1 DVD.



This DVD has eight sessions @ 30 minutes each -- Approximately 4 hours of eye opening material.

Product Information

Author: Dave Miller, Ph.D
Publisher: Apologetics Press
ISBN-13: 713757635134
Format: DVD
Run Time: approx. 240 min.
Release Date: 2013