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The Remarkable Women of the Bible
Life-Changing Journeys of Faith
by Elizabeth George

Experience God's life-changing power as the women of the Bible experienced it.

Come see how God enabled ordinary women to live extraordinary lives. How? By turning their weaknesses into strengths, their sorrows into joys, and their despair into hope. Along the way, you'll learn great truths about God Himself...

  • From Eve - you'll see' God is faithful, even when you fail
  • From Sarah - you'll find God always keeps His promises
  • From Rebekah - you'll discover God has a plan for your life
  • From Mary - you'll learn God will always care for you

What made these women-and many others-so remarkable? They loved God passionately, looked to Him in life's daily challenges, and yielded to His transforming grace. And you can enjoy God's miraculous work in your life following in their footsteps.

The Remarkable Women covered in this study are listed below:

  • Eve - Remarkable Creation
  • Sarah - Remarkable Faith
  • Rebekah - Remarkable Journey
  • Jochebed - Remarkable Mother
  • Miriam - Remarkable Leader
  • Rahab - Remarkable Grace
  • Deborah - Remarkable Wisdom
  • Ruth and Naomi - Remarkable Devotion
  • Hannah - Remarkable Sacrifice
  • Esther - Remarkable Courage
  • Elizabeth - Remarkable Walk
  • Mary - Remarkable Life
  • Mary and Martha - Remarkable Love
  • Dorcas, Lydia, Priscilla, and Phoebe - Remarkable Servants
  • Queens Of Remarkable Faith and Grace.

Author: Elizabeth George
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