The Love Story - The Study of Ruth



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The Love Story - The Study of Ruth
by Cassandra Martin

You were created for a love story. God designed your heart to be romanced. He made you to experience the full force of His love and desire for you. He longs to write His love story across the pages of your soul. 

The story of Ruth teaches us how to live in God's love story. It is a tale of losing our way, coming home, and experiencing the romance God intends for us to live. In Ruth's story, we find a mirror for our own hearts Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz help us come face-to-face with the seduction the world uses to lure us away from God's love and learn the Romance Principles that help us step into Gods love story. 

Ruth's story is our story. It is meant to sweep us off our feet and into His arms. It is a journey that ends with happily ever after...when you choose to live in The Love Story.

Author: Cassandra Martin
Publisher: 21st Century Christian  
ISBN-10: 0890983402
ISBN-13: 9780890983409 
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count:  81
Binding: Paperback