Sweet Speak - Tasteful Words for Christian Girls





Product Description

Words are an influential tool that we use everyday. In this book, Elizabeth Jimenez examines God's guidelines and examples in His Word on how to speak in ways that will please Him. Thinking before we speak and planning to use thoughtful words can encourage someone and keep them from anger or heartache.

Jimenez offers challenges, discussion and insight for young girls on how they can speak with purpose. Designed as a workbook, each girl will be challenged to get into the Scriptures and to apply the lessons to her life. Whether used for personal or group study, this book will will help preteen or teenage girls learn how to choose words wisely.

Author: Elizabeth Jimenez
ISBN-10: 0892256583
ISBN-13: 9780892256587
ITEM: G56587
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches 
Page Count: 142
Binding: Paperback