Aging is an Attitude



Product Description

by Cecil Murphey

Aging Is an Attitude explores the purpose of aging. What does God have for us in allowing us to get older? Surely, there is more to look forward to than death. Those of us who survive into the older years no longer focus on productivity or making more money. Were now free to discover that God has distinctive lessons for us to learn and to share with the younger generation.

Aging Is an Attitude is an inspirational book designed to strengthen and encourage those who face their own aging, especially baby boomers as they creep into their 60s. In a society that tends to deny aging and find ways to retard the process, Cecil hopes that this book will help the aging realize they are still useful and have wisdom to offer those who are younger.

Aging Is an Attitude is also a book about Cecil Murphey's personal journey as he has struggled with his fears, anxieties, and questions of aging, and learns to joyfully embrace the last third of life as an adventure. Cecil interviewed more than 100 people who were at least 45 years old. 'What do you see as the most positive thing about aging?' he asked.

Aging Is an Attitude is an informative book that offers practical advice and encouragement to allay their fears as one becomes labeled senior citizens. The more readily they can accept themselves, the more helpful they can be to teach and encourage others. Although he had expected little positive response, every person he asked spoke optimistically about life in the present. He quotes many of them in the book.

208 pages. Paperback.