The series "All Things Made New" covers the book of Genesis. Listed below are all the components in this series with a short description. More detail may be found under each individual item. These components are available in all 12 series in the Shaping Hearts Curriculum.

Teaching Sheets: The front features a full-color graphic of the lesson; the back provides the teacher with a brief lesson, teaching points, and the memory verse
Take Home CardsThese cards for small hands reinforce the lesson with a full-color graphic matching the Teaching Sheet and feature the lesson, memory verse, and Bible readings
Student WorkbooksBible-centered workbooks with age-appropriate text and vocabulary, full color pages, and contemporary design.
Level 1 – emergent readers or 4s & 5s
Level 2 – beginning readers or grades K-1
Level 3 – intermediate readers or grades 2-3
Level 4 – advanced readers or grades 4-5
Teacher’s Lesson GuideA Teacher’s Lesson Guide is available for each series. Each Guide is applicable and adaptable to all levels within the series. Each Guide includes teaching board ideas, photos, resources, and directions. Also included are both a Sunday Lesson Plan and a Wednesday Night Lesson Plan coordinated with each lesson in the Student Workbooks. You'll find useful strategies and suggestions for effective teaching - teaching tips, instructions, diagrams, and samples.
Lesson Graphics8.5" x 11" full-color prints illustrating each lesson
Logo GraphicsLarge full-color prints of the cover logo and Bible Facts logo of each series plus accent graphics. Each packet contains two sets of graphics.
Activity BooksEach book contains 26 grayscale reproducible worksheets corresponding to lessons in the Student Workbooks. Two worksheets per each lesson. Pages are perforated for easy reproduction.
Book 1 – worksheets for non-readers
Book 2 – worksheets for readers

All Things Made New