BTB Numbers and Deuteronomy




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by Mike Willis

The Bible Text Book Series is an excellent commentary workbook series. Each lesson consists of several pages of commentary followed by a couple of pages of short answer questions. Great workbook for adult and upper teenage Bible classes. 25 Lessons

96 Pages. Paperback.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Numbers
Lesson 2: Miscellaneous Laws and Regulations
Lesson 3: Closing Events at Mt. Sinai
Lesson 4: From Sinai to Kadesh (1)
Lesson 5: From Sinai to Kadesh (2)
Lesson 6: Occurrences During the Years of Wandering (1)
Lesson 7: Occurrences During the Years of Wandering (2)
Lesson 8: From Kadesh to Pisgah
Lesson 9: Balaam and His Prophecies
Lesson 10: Apostasy and Renumbering
Lesson 11: Law of Sacrifice and Vows
Lesson 12: Defeat of Midianites and Division of Land East of Jordan
Lesson 13: Boundaries of the Promised Land, Levitical Cities, and Laws of Inheritance
Lesson 14: Introduction to Deuteronomy and The First Sermon
Lesson 15: The First Sermon (2)
Lesson 16: The Second Sermon (1)
Lesson 17: The Second Sermon (2)
Lesson 18: The Second Sermon (3)
Lesson 19: The Second Sermon (4)
Lesson 20: The Second Sermon (5)
Lesson 21: The Second Sermon (6)
Lesson 22: The Second Sermon (7)
Lesson 23: The Second Sermon (8)
Lesson 24: The Third Sermon
Lesson 25: Moses’ Farewell and Death


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