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Bible Text Books (BTB)

by Donnie Rader

Bible Text Books is an excellent commentary workbook series designed for congregational Bible classes and personal Bible study. The text of Isaiah is discussed in detail, with a specific focus upon the dominant themes of the section under consideration.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Isaiah
Lesson 2: The Sins of Judah
Lesson 3: The Sins of Judah and the Call of Isaiah
Lesson 4: The Messiah and the Sins of Judah
Lesson 5: Prophecy Against the Nations (Babylon and Moab)
Lesson 6: Prophecy Against the Nations (Syria, Ethiopia, and Egypt)
Lesson 7: Prophecy Against the Nations (Babylon, Edom, Arabia, Jerusalem, and Tyre)
Lesson 8: World Judgment and Woes
Lesson 9: Woes
Lesson 10: Woe to Assyria, the Enemy of God’s People
Lesson 11: Hezekiah’s Dealing with Assyria and Babylon
Lesson 12: Deliverance From Babylonian Captivity (1)
Lesson 13: Deliverance From Babylonian Captivity (2)
Lesson 14: The Suffering Servant
Lesson 15: The Suffering Servant and Blessings in the Messiah
Lesson 16: True Service
Lesson 17: Future Glory


Author: Donnie V. Rader
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584270268
ISBN-13: 9781584270263
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Pages: 82
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