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BTB Exodus & Leviticus
Bible Text Book Series
by Mike Willis

The Bible Text Book Series is an excellent commentary workbook series. Each lesson consists of several pages of commentary followed by a couple of pages of short answer questions. This is a great workbook for both adult and upper teenage Bible classes.


Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Exodus
Lesson 2: The Call of Moses
Lesson 3: God Sends Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh
Lesson 4: Moses and Aaron Before Pharaoh and the Plagues (1)
Lesson 5: The Plagues (2)
Lesson 6: The Institution of the Passover and the Last Plague
Lesson 7: Sanctification of the Firstborn and Deliverance at the Rea Sea
Lesson 8: The Song of Moses and Early Wilderness Wanderings
Lesson 9: Israel at Rephidim
Lesson 10: Arrival at Sinai and the Receiving of the Covenant
Lesson 11: The Book of the Covenant (1)
Lesson 12: The Book of the Covenant (2)
Lesson 13: The Tabernacle
Lesson 14: The Establishment of the Priesthood
Lesson 15: Further Instructions Concerning the Tabernacle
Lesson 16: The Covenant Broken and Renewed
Lesson 17: The Construction and Erection of the Tabernacle
Lesson 18: Introduction to Leviticus and The Laws of Sacrifice (1)
Lesson 19: The Laws of Sacrifice (2)
Lesson 20: The Institution of the Priesthood
Lesson 21: Laws Relating to Uncleanness
Lesson 22: The Day of Atonement
Lesson 23: Holiness of Conduct
Lesson 24: Holiness of Priests
Lesson 25: Holy Days
Lesson 26: Concluding Words

Author: Mike Willis
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584271892
ISBN-13: 978-1584271895
Dimensions:  8.5" x 11" x 0.2"
Page Count: 97 
Binding: Paperback