Boy It's A Circus




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Boy It's a Circus

by Ray Warfel

A workbook for young men.

Many Christians today have expressed concerns about the problems facing our young people. Especially is this true regarding young men, who are deemed "at risk" by some sociologists and others who claim expertise in studying such things. Such observations are commonplace, and by simply looking around one can discern ample reason for such concerns.


Lesson Titles:

  1. Greatest Show on Earth: Making Men 
  2. Man on the Flying Trapeze: Becoming a Christian 
  3. The Main Attraction: How to Treat Other People  
  4. Painted on Smile: Friends 
  5. The Strongman: Anger  
  6. The Fire Eater: The Tongue 
  7. Behind the Elephants: Work and Money  
  8. Taming the Beast: Sexuality
  9. The Tattooed Lady: Sex, Drugs and Drink  
  10. Worth the Admission: Being a Mate Worth Choosing 
  11. Bear in a Bonnet: Choosing a Mate 
  12. In the Spotlight: Leadership 
  13. Big Top or Little Tent: Making the Most of What You Have

68 pages. Workbook.