Beyond Boundaries: Learning to Trust Again in Relationships




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Beyond Boundaries:
Learning to Trust Again in Relationships
by John Townsend

Hurtful relationships may cause you to close your heart. How do you know you're ready to trust again? Taking you beyond the pain of the past, best-selling Boundaries co-author Townsend offers practical tools to help you re-establish closeness with those who wronged you, recognize true change, move past relational pain, create a safe environment for trust to thrive, and more. You'll discover when and how to trust again after you've set appropriate boundaries, how to connect deeply without being hurt, and how to safely grow your most intimate relationships.

Beyond Boundaries: Learning to Trust Again in Relationships  -     By: John Townsend

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Henry Cloud
Introduction: Don't Settle

Part 1. Understanding the Problem
1. The Draw to Relationship 
2. The Damage Arrives 
3. Boundaries and What They Accomplish 
4. The Return of Desire

Part 2. Knowing when You're Ready
5. You Admit the Hurt and Receive Support
6. You Understand Your Own Past Choices
7. You Can Connect the Dots 
8. You Grieve and Let it Go 
9. You Develop Growth Friendships 
10. You Trust Your Defining Boundaries 
11. You Let Your Values Transform Your Desires 
12. You Know Which Risks Are Worth. Taking and Which Are Not 

Part 3. Knowing when the Other Person is Ready 
13. Does This Person Care About His or Her Impact on You? 
14. Is This Person (Really) Connected to Good People? 
15. Can This Person Handle a Relationship with You? 
16. For Dating and Marriage: Does This Person Go Beyond Passion?  
17. Is the Big Problem Being Solved the Right Way? 

Part 4. Moving into the Relationship 
18. The Talk You Must Have 
19. Take a Risk 
20. Deal with Speed Bumps 
21. How Far Can You Go? 

Conclusion: Beyond Boundaries into Your Best Life 

Author: John Townsend
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN-10:  0310330769
ISBN-13: 9780310330769
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Page Count: 271
Binding: Paperback