Biblical Answers to Modern Issues



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  • Everyone has questions, but where or whom do we look to for answers? Things that we once took for granted have changed drastically in an increasingly progressive culture. Principles that you have instilled in your children are challenged and rejected by their peers, by their schools, and by the media. How are we to equip our youth to stand firm in their faith while living in a world that grows increasingly hostile towards them? One thing is for certain: they will not stand firm if we do not answer their questions. There is no conversation that is off limits – regarding matters of sex, drugs, lust, social issues, political issues – no matter the topic we must be ready and willing to answer. But how? The answers to these modern issues are found in ancient revelation. Through Jesus, we can properly equip each new generation give a defense for the hope that is in them. Our world is always changing, but the truths found in Scripture stand firm forever.

    Lesson Titles:

    Lesson 1: Forbearance vs. Tolerance
    Lesson 2: Same-Sex Marriage and Homosexuality
    Lesson 3: Abortion
    Lesson 4: Modesty
    Lesson 5: Alcohol Part 1
    Lesson 6: Alcohol Part 2
    Lesson 7: Marijuana Part 1
    Lesson 8: Marijuana Part 2
    Lesson 9: Cohabitation
    Lesson 10: The Death Penalty Part 1
    Lesson 11: The Death Penalty Part 2
    Lesson 12: Work and Work Ethics
    Lesson 13: Christian Evidences: Philosophy
    Lesson 14: The Problem of Evil
    • Excellent material for personal study, teen/high school class; or adult!
    • 132 pages.
    • Spiral Bound; Soft Cover