Ye Shall Be Holy: Christian Purity Student Workbook



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by J. A. Busick

In the Old Testament, the ritual purification of the priests allowed them to serve in the temple, where God was in the presence oh His people. Violations of ritual purity carried severe consequences. The temple, too, was holy -- until God's people defiled it with their idolatry, and forced God out.

These three lessons look at priestly purity, the sanctification of the Temple, and their application in the life of modern Christians. Does purity matter? In the absence of a Levitical priesthood, who is set apart for service to the Lord, and how? In the absence of animal sacrifices, what is the Christian's sacrifice? In the absence of a Temple, where can the glory of God be found? And what does that have to do with sexualy immorality?

If you are looking for a study on sexual purity that begins by embracing Philippians 4:8, this is the study you've been looking for.

34 pages, Paperback.