Women of Genesis



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by Cindy Colley

Women of Genesis

The first of the new Crown of Creation Series, this revised edition shows us Bible women- Divine successes and failures- to inspire and instruct.

Learn from Bible women...

How to Pass Tests of Faith
*How does God provide a way of escape?
*What are God's guidelines for marriage?
*Where is God in times of trial?
*When does God expect modesty?
*Why does God send tests of faith?

13 chapters include studies of Eve, The Daughters of Men, The Daughters-in-Law of Noah, Sarah, Hagar, Women in Lot's Family, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Dinah, Tamar, Potiphar's Wife, Job's Wife.
A thought-provoking Bible study series designed to motivate Christian women to read the Scriptures for themselves.

118 pages. Paperback.

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