We Bow Down



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This is a book for women of all ages who are curious to know what the Bible says about prophets, preachers, songs, etc. It is a doctrinal study of fundamentals revealing God's wishes over man's wishes. Since women greatly influence public worship, this book is a timely reminder of God's guidelines. Five topics with each topic examined from both the Old Testament and New Testament and questions with each chapter.

Edited by James Andrews.

10 lessons:

In Memory (Communion) by Cindy Colley

  • Passover
  • Lord's Supper

On Bended Knee (Prayer) by Foye Watkins

  • O Jehovah
  • Through Christ

Thus Saith the Lord (Preaching and Teaching) by Sheila Butt

  • Prophesying
  • Preaching

Tithes and Offerings (Giving) by Gloria Ingram

  • Percentage Giving
  • Purpose Giving

Fruit of Our Lips (Singing) by Jane McWhorter

  • Joyful Noise
  • Heart Song

144 pages. Paperback.


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