Tough Choices



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Learning to Make Great Decisions When Faced with Life's Tough Choices

by David Banning

Life is all about choices. Every day we make choices. Some are not so important; some are really important. But, we`re always making them. A big part of being happy in life and pleasing God is knowing how to make wise choices. That`s what this class is all about. This is designed to be used over 13 weeks, utilizing both Sunday and mid-week class sessions.

Tough Choices . . . 

  1. What`s It All About?  
  2. About TV & Movies  
  3. About Drinking  
  4. About Parents 
  5. About Friends
  6. About How I Look 
  7. About Worship Services 
  8. About Dancing 
  9. About Music 
  10. About the Internet  
  11. About Honesty & Lying  
  12. About Dating
  13. About Becoming A Christian

52 pages. Workbook.