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Ready To Answer

by David Banning

Bible Answers to Popular Errors
This workbook is designed to provide Bible answers for some of the more popular false doctrines of our day. We have tried to pick some of the issues our young people are most likely to face in their later high school and early college years. Many of these topics were actually suggested by teens themselves. 12 lessons plus introductory & closing sessions.

  • Introductory Session
  1. Dealing With Different Doctrines
  2. Are We Saved By Faith Alone?
  3. Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?
  4. Can Salvation Be Lost?
  5. Does It Really Matter Which Church I Attend?
  6. Can We Use Instrumental Music In Worship?
  7. What Kinds Of Work Should Churches Do?
  8. Can We Know When Jesus Is Coming Back?
  9. What Will Happen When Jesus Comes?
  10. Can We Get A Divorce For Any Reason?
  11. Can Miracles Be Performed Today?
  12. Is God Giving New Revelations Today?
  • Closing Session

58 pages. Workbook.