Dating to Marriage



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Dating to Marriage

by David Banning

a workbook in the "Get Them Talking" Series

This workbook examines the dating process from beginning (i.e. Dating: When Should I Begin The Process?) to the end (i.e. Marriage: A Decision We Need To Get Right).

There are two primary things we want the students to know by the time we are done with this class:

  1. The way dating is typically done today does not work. If you follow the world's dating model, you are destined to suffer a lot of pain and unhappiness.
  2. God has a better way. If you will let His word guide you through this process, dating can be a wonderful life experience that helps you find the right kind of person with whom you can share your life.

Most of these lessons include a section entitled "Parents' Perspective." Our goal here is to create communication between parents and students on these important subjects. Be sure to emphasize this part of the equation and include the parents' input in your classes.


  1. Why Do Young People Date? 
  2. What Is The Ultimate Purpose Of Dating? 
  3. Why Is Dating Such A Serious Thing? 
  4. Who Are You? 
  5. Who I Am & How I Date 
  6. Why Most Dating Today Just Does Not Work
  7. The Rules: Learning To Date God's Way 
  8. Dating: When Should I Begin The Process?
  9. Does It Really Matter Who I Date? 
  10. Designing The Perfect Person To Date 
  11. What If My Parents Do Not Approve? 
  12. When We Go Out---Where Do We Go? 
  13. Great, Safe And Inexpensive Dates 
  14. Sex: Where Do You Get Your Information?
  15. What Does The Bible Say About Sex?
  16. Why Does God Tell Us To Wait? 
  17. When It Comes To Intimacy, How Far Is Too Far? 
  18. How Do I Stop When Things Are Going Too Far?
  19. What Danger Zones Should I Avoid? 
  20. Why Is Breaking Up Hard To Do - Right?
  21. How Can I Know When I'm Really In Love? 
  22. Marriage: A Decision We Need To Get Right 
  23. Marriage: How Can I Avoid The Common Pitfalls?
  24. Marriage: Searching For Great Character 
  25. Marriage: Asking The Right Questions In Advance 
  26. A Letter To My Teenage Daughter

56 pages. Workbook.

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