Old Testament Book 2: Judges-Solomon




Product Description

The Old Testament: God Unfolds His Great Plan - Book 2 (From the Judges to the Reign of Solomon)

by David Banning

This workbook is second in a series of four books in which we survey the entire Old Testament story. Part 2 covers the Judges to the Reign of Solomon.

The goal of this series is to do more than just tell Old Testament stories. They have tried to unite all of the stories with one common theme: God's great plan. They are focused on the promises made to Abraham and the way the rest of the Old Testament shows how God fulfilled these promises.

Lesson Titles:

  1. The Judges, Part 1
  2. The Judges, Part 2
  3. The Judges, Part 3
  4. The Judges, Part 4
  5. Judges To Kings
  6. Saul: His Good Days As King
  7. Saul: His Sad Days As King
  8. Saul's Decline & David's Rise
  9. David Becomes King & Reigns Over Israel
  10. David Makes Mistake
  11. Solomon Takes The Throne
  12. Solomon's Big Mistake
  13. The Nation Divides

52 pages. Workbook.