Struggle, Seek, Grow


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Struggle, Seek, Grow

by Cynthia Dianne Guy

Life is full of interruptions. How we handle those interruptions is a measure of our spiritual maturity. But this kind of growth does not come without a struggle:

  • Childless Hannah deflected self-pity and Peninnah's taunts as she poured out her heart to God. 
  • Bitter Naomi blamed God for the loss of her husband and sons but sought relief within His Law and people. 
  • Helpless Hagar, desperate to save her child, lifted up her voice and wept.

Each faced specific trials by making a decision to seek help from above, transforming her life. Each struggled. Each sought. Each grew.

Are you struggling? Seek out the help of Hannah, Naomi, Hagar, Esther, Mary of Nazareth, Dorcas, Rahab, Sarah, Jochebed, Miriam, Mary of Bethany and Priscilla by way of God's Word and bloom into the spiritually mature woman God planned for you to be.

192 pages. Workbook.