Reach For Your Spiritual Potential



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by Doris Black

Your spiritual potential - do you know how to reach it? Would you like to know what your talents are... and how to multiply them into a greater ministry for the Lord?

Reach For Your Spiritual Potential deals with and answers questions every Christian must ask, andswer and implement to reach spiritual potential in a prqactical and Biblical way. Reach For Your Spiritual Potential is exellent for ladies' classes as well as personal study.

Chapter 1: God's Vision for Us
Chapter 2: Dealing With Self
  • My Mind
  • My Behavior
  • My Emotions
Chapter 3: Recognize and Treat Spiritual Malnutrition
Chapter 4: When the Problem With Prayer is Me
  • Know How to Pray
  • Watch for God's Answera
Chapter 5: Discover Your Talents and Your Ministry
Chapter 6: You Are Your Brother's Keeper
Chapter 7: The Spirit's Ministries For God's Children
  • The Promise
  • Ministry of Certification and Help
  • Ministry of Practical Power
  • Ministry of Practical Power Part 2
  • Ministry of Partnership
107 pages, Workbook.

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  • 5
    Reach For Your Spiritual Potential

    Posted by Carole L May on Aug. 15, 2021

    This is a great book--bite-by-bite teaching how to grow in Christ.

    Every Christian--young or old in the faith--would benefit from putting the teachings into practice. That is key--doing (putting into practice) what is suggested.

  • 5
    Reach For Your Spiritual Potential

    Posted by Carole L May on Jun. 28, 2021

    Looking for a "how to book"? This is it. Every Christian--male or female--at whatever point in their walk with Christ, will be strengthened by "listening to" and "doing" as suggested therein.