Heart Diseases and Their Cure



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Heart Diseases and Their Cure

by Wendell Winkler

Studies in this extremely popular book are the heart diseases of unforgiveness, envy, ingratitude, harsh judgments and faultfinding, discontent, pride, doubt, fear, worry, hatred, discouragement, impatience, and prejudice. Biblical remedies are given for each.

Table of Contents:

  1. Overcoming Unforgiveness
  2. Overcoming Envy
  3. Overcoming Ingratitude and Selfishness
  4. Overcoming Harsh Judgments and Faultfinding
  5. Overcoming Discontent
  6. Overcoming Pride and Arrogance
  7. Overcoming Doubt, Disbelief and Distrust
  8. Overcoming Fear
  9. Overcoming Worry and Pessimism
  10. Overcoming Hatred
  11. Overcoming Discouragement and Frustration
  12. Overcoming Impatience
  13. Overcoming Prejudice

107 pages. Workbook.