Systematic Study of Romans and Galatians


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Systematic Study of Romans and Galatians

by Willard Conchin


This is the fourth book in this series of workbooks on the New Testament. The same general style and variety of questions are contained in this book as are found in Harmony of the Gospels, volumes 1 and 2, and in A Systematic Study of the Book of Acts.

Features of this workbook series:

  • Students must study the Bible for themselves
  • The "Vocabulary Builder" sections cause the students to learn the meanings of difficult words
  • Blanks to fill in are each approximately the length of the correct word or words to fill in the blanks
  • No filler questions to make a set number on each chapter or section. The number varies according to content of the chapter.
  • Wide variety of types of questions: completion, true/false, matching, etc.
  • Test sheets are placed throughout the book
  • A test over all the book is also included at the end of each book


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