Harmony Of The Gospels, Vol 1


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Harmony of the Gospels, Vol. 1

by Willard Conchin

Volume 1 covers the time of Christ's life from His birth to Luke 13/John 10. The workbook is divided into the following four Parts:

  • PART I: Birth and Youth of Jesus
  • PART II: The Galilean Ministry 
  • PART III: Jesus/ Withdrawal From Galilee
  • PART IV: The Judean Ministry

Features of this workbook include:

  • The "Vocabulary Builder" sections helps students learn the meanings of difficult words.
  • Wide variety of types of questions: completion, true and false, Fill-in-the-blank, matching, etc.
  • Test sheets are placed throughout the book and a comprehensive test is included at the end of the book.

73 pages. Workbook.