As Living Stones Sumphonia CD



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Product Description

As Living Stones is the second and most recent Sumphonia production. Also an a cappella recording, it is a compilation of 19 new hymns. The Voices of Sumphonia choral group was directed by Scott Wyatt and Mark Bingham in the winter months of 2004 and 2005. The recording was made available on CD in December 2005 and includes a 32-page insert booklet with words to all 19 hymns.

Song List:
  1. Rejoice and Sing that God is Great
  2. I Am the Way
  3. O Magnify My Master
  4. O Father, Let us See His Death
  5. The Feast of Love
  6. Sing and Rejoice in the Savior's Birth
  7. How Long Till the Morning?
  8. Resurrection
  9. Jesus is Lord
  10. Reading/Give Thanks to the Lord
  11. The Lord is My Light
  12. Almighty God Beyond the Veil
  13. Glory Yet Untold
  14. The Rock of My Heart
  15. Our Fellowship
  16. Loved Ones
  17. Let Us Know Jehovah
  18. Everlasting God
  19. Be Holy, For I Am Holy