30 Days of Goodness Cards, Mature Minds


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Product Description

Our new "30 Days of Goodness" products are beautiful, 30-piece 4x6” card sets, and provide ideas for specific ways you and your children may “do good” for those around you. We offer curated, accessible "Acts of Goodness" cards in two sets: "30 Days of Goodness for Young Hearts," and "30 Days of Goodness for Mature Minds. "

  • "30 Days of Goodness for Young Hearts" is designed for children, with simple ideas they may do with a parent or sibling.

  • "30 Days of Goodness for Mature Minds" was designed for teens and adults.

    Each set has differing task ideas (age appropriate), but contains 30 cards—each with a “good deed” to challenge and a scripture to inspire.

We've included applicable scriptures on each task card, not simply to provide memorization potential, but because we want constant reminders that we don’t do good things just to feel good, or to post on social media, but because GOD is good, and because we want to honor Him with everything we do.