Attitudes and Consequences in the Restoration Movement



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by Homer Hailey

This work traces the development of two attitudes toward Scripture authority in the Restoration Movement: that of early Christians in the movement, and another which grew up within it, leading ultimately to division.
Reprinted 2011.

248 pages. Paperback.

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    A read worth reading

    Posted by Kent Clark on Jul. 6, 2015

    I recently purchased "attitudes and consequences in the Restoration Movement" by Homer Hailey. It is a concise yet informative book that traces the prevailing attitude(s) in the religious world. Primarily the attitude toward God's inspired word that has shaped much of not only the religious world, but many other factors in the societies and cultures we live in. It is well written, well documented and would serve as a go to basis for further study into the History of the church, but the prevailing thoughts that so often influence the lives of those who strive to serve God, whether acceptably or unacceptably.