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Abraham is mentioned over 300 times throughout the Bible and is considered one of the most important people to know from the Old Testament. Easily cover 20 key events from his life at a glance with Rose's Life of Abraham pamphlet. Packed with simple summaries, quick-reference charts, a timeline, a map, and more—this incredible pamphlet is perfect for personal or small group use. Use it as a stand-alone Abraham Bible study or to add depth to any Old Testament study.

Understanding the relationship between Abraham and God is key to understanding the Old and New Testament—and this pamphlet makes it easier than ever before.Enjoy having these features at your fingertips:

  • Easy-to-follow timeline covering 20 key events from Abraham's life
  • Family Tree of Abraham (Starts with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)
  • Quick-Reference Charts on key topics, including the 2 major types of covenants
  • Full-Color map showing Abraham's journey from Haran
  • Relevant insights, reflection questions, and more!


What happened from the time Abraham was called to leave Haran to the time he was willing to sacrifice his son? How did God use Abraham to point to the coming of Christ? Why does God refer to himself as the "God of Abraham?" The answers to these questions and many others are found in The Life of Abraham pamphlet. Discover the significance of God calling Abraham "his friend" and deepen your understanding of what it means to serve a Covenant God. Covers key relationships, including Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and Hagar, and even Abraham and Isaac.

Perfect for personal use, small groups, Adult Sunday School, pastors, church leaders, Bible studies, and homeschool curriculum.

4 Key Features of Rose's Abraham Bible Study Pamphlet

4 Key Features of Rose's Life of Abraham Bible Study Pamphlet

1. Easy-to-Understand-Get a Clear Overview of Abraham's Entire Life

Get a simple overview of key events, key people, key covenants, key trials, and key lessons from Abraham's life. Covers the Abrahamic covenant and more! Discover the 3 "Tests of Faith" experienced from Abraham and how God help him overcome his fear and doubts. Includes incredible commentary on what it means to be the "friend of God," the significance of the Lord changing our names, and more!

2. Fully-Illustrated. Includes a Map, Timeline and Family Tree of Abraham

Beginning with his birth in the year 2166 B.C. (approx) and continuing through his death, this pamphlet's easy-to-read timeline shows over 20 recorded events from Abraham's life. Each event includes an approximate date and scripture reference. It also features a simple family tree and a map showing Abraham's journey from Haran. These incredible visual aids will add depth to any Old Testament study.

3. Quick & Easy. Includes Over 5 Charts That Shows Key Information at a Glance

These quick-reference charts are a fantastic way to see key information at a glance and to add depth and meaning to any Old or New Testament study. Here's just some of the topics covered:

  1. 3 Key Lessons We Can Learn from Abraham's Life
  2. 2 Types of Covenant (Condition and Unconditional)
  3. 5 Key Similarities Between Abraham and the Disciples
  4. 6 Ways Abraham Points to Christ
  5. And more!


4. Add Depth. Find Out How Abraham Points to Christ

Throughout the Old Testament, God provided glimpses into the character and nature of the Messiah through typologies—significant biblical characters whose actions or events symbolically correspond with or contrast to the life of Christ. Find out the 6 ways that Abraham points to Christ with this incredible pamphlet. See key connections at a glance:

  • Abraham is called the "Father of Faith"
  • Christ is the "Author and Perfecter of Faith"


Imagine being called to leave everything behind to go to a land God hasn't revealed to you. What thoughts would run through your mind? What questions would you want answered? The story of Abraham is a story of faith and obedience. One man's faith to risk everything to trust God ... and more importantly the faithfulness of God to keep His promises. Dive into this incredible journey of faith like never before with Rose's Life of Abraham pamphlet.

Faith means trusting in God—in who God is, in what he is willing and able to do. But, how?