Seeking the Sacred


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by Chad Sychtysz

None of us can draw near to God without faith, but this faith must be expressed in the form of an active and contemplative search: we must be seekers of God. We also must know what this search involves, and how we are to engage it. Seeking the Sacred, is carefully designed to address each one of these essential subjects.

Seeking the Sacred explains and expedites the believer’s separation from the secular world and his communion with the sacred. Mr. Sychtysz takes us deep into the realm of fellowship with God and what it means to draw near to Him. Seeking the Sacred also offers expanded and practical insight on important topics such as: God’s divine nature; Christ’s redemptive work; worshiping in spirit and truth; and the necessity of sacrifice. 

Seeking the Sacred is a study of finding God, in the way that HE wishes to be found.

286 pages, Paperback.