Creation, Evolution & the Age of the Earth


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by: Wayne Jackson

The idea that Earth's history has required vast eras of time is believed by a majority of people in our society. Even numerous folks who profess an identification with the Christian faith have accepted this viewpoint. Little do they realize the origin of this idealogy. The Darwinists allege that given enough time anything is possible, including the origin of a complex universe from nothing. Without Time, the theory hasn't a ghost of a chance. What most fail to recognize is that time has no intrinsic power. Without an appropriate mechanism for evolutionary creation or change, time is meaningless. Time alone does nothing for evolution. Hopefully, this little volume will help thrust the importance of understanding time, and its relationship to the question of origins, into focus. This book does not attempt to address the various arguments that are employed in the defense of evolutionary theory. It does look at the evidence for the time factor.


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