Out With Doubt: A Look at the Evidence for Christianity DVD




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Out With Doubt DVD
A Look at the Evidence for Christianity
by Kyle Butt

A live presentation of Kyle Butt's workbook for young people, Out With Doubt, is now available as a two-disc DVD set. The 13 sessions, each session being 24-28 minutes, leave time for class discussion and a consideration of the questions included in each chapter of the book. This tool is excellent for use in Sunday morning high school and junior high quarterly Bible classes, summer camps, VBS, or private home viewing.

Chapter Topics:

  1. Does God Exist?
  2. Design Demands a Designer
  3. Evil, Pain, and Suffering
  4. Is the Bible God’s Word?
  5. Predictive Prophecy and the Bible
  6. Are there Mistakes in the Bible?
  7. Creation Versus Evolution
  8. How Old is the Earth?
  9. Theistic Evolution
  10. Dinosaurs
  11. Jesus Christ - Fact or Fairy Tale?
  12. Miracles
  13. The Resurrection and What You Must Do to Be Saved
Author: Kyle Butt
Publisher: Apologetics Press
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Format: DVD