The A.D. 70 Theory - A Review of the Max King Doctrine



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by Wayne Jackson

A review of the Max King Doctrine referred to as Realized Eschatology. This theory asserts that the second coming of Jesus occurred in A.D. 70 with the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. At that time all biblical prophecy was consummated including the resurrection of the dead, the judgment day, and the end of the world. Strange as this doctrine may seem, there are brethren being swayed to this error. This book is an excellent refutation of this false doctrine.

How Could Any Mature Christian Be Convinced That The Second Coming Of Christ Has Occurred Already, That The Dead Have Been Raised, That The Judgment Day Happened Centuries Ago, And That The World Has Ended Already?

False doctrine comes in a wide variety of "species." Some of it is so subtle that one can understand how the unlearned could drift into it rather innocently. --On the other hand, some forms of error are so radically bizarre that one wonders how anyone with even a smattering of biblical knowledge could accept them.

The doctrine reviewed in this book is in the latter category. -- How could any mature Christian be convinced that the Second Coming of Christ has occurred already, that the dead have been raised, that the Judgment Day happened centuries ago, and that the World has ended already? - And yet, those who call themselves "realized eschatologists" affirm these very propositions. Max King's disciples have infiltrated churches and schools with a deceptive plan to spread this pernicious doctrine to unsuspecting Christians.

Wayne Jackson, known for his balanced and thorough investigation of biblical topics, presented a series of lessons examining the teaching of Max King and his devoted followers. These lectures, compiled in this book, address the issues thoroughly and in a comprehensible manner. - Max King, like Hymenaeus and Philetus, has led many into a doctrine of gangrene (2 Tim. 2:17). Prepare yourself with a clear and concise study of this most trouble teaching. Indeed, it can scarcely be labeled anything other than "heresy."

106 pages. Paperback. 



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    70 ad doctrine

    Posted by Alan Pippenger on Nov. 29, 2021

    Excellent resource.