The Truth About...Children's Tract Pack (24)


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Each pack contains one each of all 24 Children's Tracts printed by Apologetics Press. 4"x8" -4 panel tract with 5 of the panels reading/illustration and 2 of the panels questions, crossword, and/or word searches Tracts: *The Truth About the Bible *Truth about the Accuracy of the Bible *Truth About the Big Bang *Truth about Cause and Effect *Truth about Creation *Truth About Copying God's Design *Truth about Design in the Animal Kingdom *Truth about Dinosaurs *Truth about Design in the Human Body *Truth about Science and the Age of the Earth *Truth about the Bible and the Age of the Earth *Truth about the Design of the Universe *Truth About Errors of Evolution * Truth about the Evolution of Man *Truth About Evil, Pain and Suffering * Truth About Evolutionary Hoaxes *Truth about the Law of Biogenesis *Truth about the Bible and Science * Truth About the Genesis Flood *Truth About Human Morality *Truth About Humans and Dinosaurs *Truth About the Intelligence of Ancient Man *Truth About the Reliability of the Bible *Truth About the Resurrection of Christ