Teens Overcoming Trials


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by John K. Wills

Teens Overcoming Trials by John K. Wills will greatly benefit teens undergoing any type of trial.  It covers the lives of Job and Daniel and shows how both remained strong during difficult times.

Teens Overcoming Trials includes extensive modern application, showing young people how to remain faithful to God during difficult times, as well as stressing why they must strive to be faithful to God.

The author is no stranger to suffering.  His son died from leukemia when he was only a teenager.  John's appendix is a tribute to his son Mark, who continued to have a positive attitude about life and wanted to be an example to everyone despite his suffering.  John also briefly mentions losing his son in the text of the book.

Brother Wills has taught teenagers for over 50 years.  He understands their sorrows, pain, trials and temptations.  He brings this out in the text of his book, and shows his love for young people through his compassion and encouragement.

Teens Overcoming Trials has been published primarily for personal use.  It would be excellent to give to a young person who has lost a close loved one or who is undergoing other trials in life.  TOT would also be beneficial for classroom study for teachers who do not want to reproduce their own lessons

There are study and discussion questions at the end of each of 13 chapters, as well as space to take notes.