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4 books curated for young adults who are strengthening their faith as they embark on a new chapter of life!


God Does Exist!: Examining the Major Formal Arguments for and against the Existence of God


Daniel H. King, Sr. has preached and written on numerous biblical and religious topics for years. Before beginning to preach, however, King came out of a background of scientific studies. In his new book, God Does Exist!, King for the first time brings both areas of his research together. The reader will find a thorough and in-depth consideration of the philosophical and scientific issues involved in the question of God’s existence. Any who are confronted by the atheistic approaches that dominate many colleges and universities will find this material invaluable.

In His Image

In His Image, by Rick Billingsley, is a study designed to help Christians develop and maintain a positive attitude and a positive life. God created man in His image. This includes our intellect, emotion, and will. Our attitude reflects this image and conforming to His image includes developing attitudes within us that imitate God’s attitudes. This thirteen-lesson study strives to help students accomplish this goal in their lives.

When You…
by Johnie Edwards is a thirteen lesson series of outlines designed for Bible studies in the home or congregation. Each lesson is designed to be covered in one study, considering important times in life in light of our accountability before God. Lesson 1 asks the student to explore issues to consider when you become a Christian. Lesson 2 addresses attitudes one must have when reading Scripture. Lesson 3 discusses the criteria to be used when choosing a church. Lessons 4-9 deal with the proper mindset when worshipping in prayer, song, giving, observing the Lord’s Supper, and studying the Apostles’ Doctrine. Lessons 10-11 deal with family: when you marry and when you have children.  The book ends with lesson 12 warning of the danger of falling away and lesson 13 addressing preparation for death.

Finding My Faith by Kevin Harrington

Finding My Faith, by Kevin Harrington is a practical study aimed at helping the reader develop faith in Jesus Christ that is personal, genuine, and capable of enduring the challenges life presents. Divided into two parts (“Understanding My Faith” a “Using my Faith”), each of its 13 chapters is followed by study questions for use by individuals or groups.

My hope is that this book will aid you on your journey to find and strengthen your faith. The Devil is real and powerful. Our one hope of defeating him is through our faith in Jesus Christ. I pray no matter where you find yourself on your spiritual path, you can consider yourself stronger in your faith by the end of these pages. God bless you on your journey.-Kevin Harrington