Creation to Revelation - 17 Time Periods Complete Cycle Spiral



Product Description

The “3 Cycle Approach” written by Bob Waldron is a method for organizing Bible knowledge. Each cycle is intended to build on the previous while also reinforcing the information learned. In 2019, Creation to Revelation illustrated the 17 Time Periods using Bob's booklet as a foundation, and in 2020 we launched Cycle 2: colorful, accurate snapshots of scripture that show the contents of each of the 17 Time Periods. Cycle 2 is imperative in telling the Bible story because it connects the periods of the Bible, narrating key events that occur from one time period to the next. 

Introducing the 17 Time Periods Complete Cycle Spiral! This Spiral provides beginning to end information for the 17 Time Periods. Age 1 to 101 can learn the story of the Bible and key events by using this simple but detailed tool! Each opening contains one time period, and then contains the events within that time period (taken from Cycle 2) below—with their illustrations and scripture references.

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Start by learning the 17 Time Periods themselves, and then build on the contents of the time periods to your memory's foundation, and when you've mastered those pieces, memorizing scripture from the references to fill in your knowledge and grasp on God even more!

One of our customers (a Mom) said "nothing has been more helpful to my grasp of the Bible story and where characters fit in scripture than the 17 Time Periods system." We hope you and your family will try it and feel the same way!