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by Daniel H. King, Sr.


“This commentary on Daniel compares to nothing that brethren have produced on this book. Dan specialized in intertestamental literature and history while working on his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt. This makes him especially qualified to interpret and explain the difficult chapters of Daniel’s prophecies about world events that would transpire after the author's death. Having read this book several times during the proofreading process, I assure you that it is worth its price.” --Mike Willis, editor


Daniel H. King, Sr. was academically trained in biblical studies, with a special emphasis on the cultural and linguistic aspects of the discipline. His investigations have dealt particularly with Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek along with pre- and post-Christian Judaism. Dan's commentaries therefore attempt to provide the reader with the background information to understand the scriptural text along with the tools necessary to put it into application in one's life. Someone has observed that "you may have to have a dictionary at hand in order to read some of what he has written, but you will be richly rewarded for having done so." Buy at least one of his commentaries and you will in all likelihood want to own every one of them.

795 pages, Hardback Edition. 


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