Celebrate Communion Fellowship Cup (JUICE ONLY) 100 per box




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Product Description

Prefilled Communion Cups without Wafers

Here's the long-awaited solution for churches who want the versatility of serving their own style of Communion bread while still enjoying the benefits of prefilled juice: easy set-up and no worry of spills, contamination or waste. Serve your choice of homebaked bread, gluten free wafer, matzo, etc... with these individually sealed cups of fresh, delicious 100% natural concord grape juice.

Made with strict quality standards on dedicated equipment, you can rest assured prefilled Communion juice is completely protected from cross-contact with common allergens (wheat, gluten, dairy, peanut, soy, tree-nut and latex.)

New prefilled juice cups are the perfect choice to serve with any Communion bread option.

  • Individual servings of juice, sealed for your protection.
  • 100% natural juice is made from concord grapes. This proprietary recipe is pure and simple, no added sugars or corn syrup.
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Guaranteed fresh every time when used by date stamped on outer box (over 10 months freshness date)
  • Gluten free; Safe from common food allergens
  • Disposable cups are formed from pharmaceutical grade recyclable plastic.
  • Fits standard serving trays.
  • Portable Communion cups that are already filled with grape juice make it possible to easily celebrate Communion at hospital and home visitations, military installations, camp meetings, retreats, small groups or large stadiums.

Ingredients: concord grape juice from concentrate, filtered water, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate as preservatives. (All natural flavor and color comes from the grapes.)  

Available in quantities of 50, 100, 250, and 500 as well as 100ct juice only