Celebrate Communion Fellowship Cup (juice and wafer set) 250 per box




$12.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Product Description

Now You Can Celebrate Communion Anywhere with Prefilled Cups with Wafers!

Prefilled Communion cups with wafers are a new way to celebrate Communion that guarantees freshness and protects the health of your congregation. Now you'll be able to set up for Communion in minutes instead of hours and never have to worry about spills from over-filled cups or waste from unused portions again.

Our Communion cups are stored in a temperature-controlled environment and are shipped to us the same day they are manufactured.

This guarantees you and your church the freshest product available. Pre-filled cups with wafers have a long shelf-life and are 100% guaranteed fresh when used by the date stamped on every box. These wafer/juice sets make it possible to celebrate Communion more often and easier than ever before. 250 count boxes of prepackaged Communion cups with wafers are perfect for small to medium sized churches with congregations from 25-125. This product truly is the answer to prayer.

  • No waste
  • 100% recyclable plastic cups
  • 100% sanitary
  • Easy setup, easy clean up
  • 100% grape juice
  • Zero added sugar - no added sugar
  • Unleavened wafer

Available in quantities of 50, 100, 250, and 500 as well as 100ct juice only