Far Above Rubies



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by Mrs. Earle West

Far Above Rubies is a study for the Christian woman. It is a study designed to help her to see more clearly her relationship to others in the home, in the church, and in the community, and to feel more deeply her responsibilities there. 

It is hoped that in this study, ways will be shown to help her develop faith in the Bible as a practical guide to daily living, and the insight to translate that faith into action. 

The lessons are aimed at suggesting ways to become more effective and useful in the situations that face her day to day, demonstrating to all that her value indeed is Far Above Rubies.


LESSON 1 "Far Above Rubies"
LESSON 2 "Redeemed"
LESSON 3 "What is Your Life?"
LESSON 4 "But Seek Ye First"
LESSON 5 "Growing Up in Christ"
LESSON 6 "A More Excellent Way"
LESSON 7 "A Soldier of the Cross"
LESSON 8 "A Help Meet"
LESSON 9 "Train up a Child"
LESSON 10 "In Her Tongue"
LESSON 11 "Rich in Good Works"
LESSON 12 "More Than Conquerors"
LESSON 13 "Renewing Your Mind"