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Journey to Sinai - Life of Moses Series 2
Abeka Flash-A-Cards

Show the mercy and providence of God through Moses’ journey to Sinai. These 7 lessons and 28 picture cards display the miracles of God from turning the bitter waters at Marah to God providing the 10 Commandments. A detailed lesson guide gives you content to teach, prompts for when to use the pictures, and review questions for each lesson. Use these fully colored flashcards to teach your child the importance of obedience.

28 Beautiful, full color illustrated Bible stories to make the Bible come alive for children. This is the second of three in a series on the Life of Moses.  Helpful Lesson Guide included.

Journey to Sinai Flash-a-Card Set   -

Stories include:

  • Marah: God Heals the Bitter Waters
  • God Gives Meat and Manna 
  • Rephidim: God Gives Water from the Rock 
  • God Saves the People from Amalek
  • Sinai: God Speaks to the People
  • The Golden Calf
  • The Ten Commandments
Publisher: A Beka Books 
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